Water Chambers


ResMed S9 H5i™ Standard Replacement Water Chamber

This is the standard replacement water chamber for the ResMed S9 series CPAP and VPAP Machine. This water chamber is not dishwasher safe. It must be washed by hand. As always distilled water should be used to prolong the life of the chamber.

AirSense 10 Cleanable Replacement Water Chamber

Cleanable replacement water chamber tub tray for the ResMed AirSense 10 series of CPAP, AutoSet, Elite, For Her and VPAP machines. This product does not require a prescription. Can be ordered in standard or cleanable (pn# 37300)

Respironics System One 50 or 60 Series Humidifier Water Chamber

Respironics System One CPAP Humidifier Water Chamber designed for use with PR System One 50 or 60 Series CPAP/BiPAP systems. Water tubs/tanks should be cleaned daily and replaced every 6-12 months. This water chamber comes with lids for 50 or 60 series.

Water Chamber Tub for Philips Respironics DreamStation Humidifier

The Humidifier Water Chamber from Respironics is designed for use with all DreamStation CPAP & BiPAP Heated Humidifiers.

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    Callie Jo
    Callie Jo
    I would suggest going anywhere else.
    Rob Lucas
    Rob Lucas
    The worst customer service ever! Emily, who claims to be be the Office Manager not only lied to me about the status of... my order, but lied again when I confronted her about the previous lie. I had an order go thru on a Wednesday, my doctor asked that I allow 7 days to process. Waited 7 days and called to check the status, Emily told me that she was waiting for insurance authorization and that she would check on it. She took my callback info and said she would update me ASAP. I waited an additional 2 days and called back. She again advised that she was waiting for authorization and would call them immediately. I waited 20 minutes and called my insurance directly. My insurance representative advised me that ATI had never requested an authorization, nor had they called to check on an authorization. I called back and again spoke with Emily. She told me I was wrong and my insurance lied to me. I told her to cancel my request with them and asked my doctor office to send to another company to supply the necessary machine. Within 20 minutes my insurance company called to verify they had the authorization and that it would processed the same day! So ATI had my orders for 10 days and did nothing the other company had my order for 10 minutes and had a pending authorization. ATI obviously doesn’t want or need new customers so I would say, take your orders and business elsewhere!!!read more
    Andrew M Weinel
    Andrew M Weinel
    Very quick and pleasant service. Supplies arrive in time and as expected. They do a good job all around!
    Lisa Donovan Davis
    Lisa Donovan Davis
    Going to ATI was the best decision I’ve made. Patti explained everything and put me at ease. It’s been so easy working... with them. I never have to wait and get personal treatment like they really care about you. Definitely recommend.read more
    Corey Tyler Moore
    Corey Tyler Moore
    Very professional, great communication answering any questions I’ve had...Patti is fantastic!